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Many people are reaching out to the Clorox Consumer Care team for information right now resulting in longer than normal wait times. To provide you with more immediate help please see the below answers to our frequently asked questions. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • Have the Clorox Air Purifiers been tested and certified to kill viruses and bacteria?  

    No, the Clorox Air Purifiers have not been tested to kill viruses and bacteria. As air passes through the True HEPA filter, the filter captures viruses and bacteria from, reducing the reducing the overall concentration of airborne viral and bacterial particles in the air. The actual % reduction of viruses and bacteria varies. The True HEPA filter has been tested to capture particulates as small as 0.1 and is effective in capturing 99.97% of particulate matter.    

  • What is True HEPA?  

    True HEPA or HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter meets a specific level of efficiency. It is required to capture at least 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns and greater from the air passing through the filter. The Clorox filter is 99.97% effective in capturing particles as small at 0.1 microns and larger.   

  • What does the filter capture?  

    The Clorox True HEPA filter has been tested to capture 99.97% of allergens and particulates as small as 0.1 microns and larger. It will capture pollen, dust, dust mites, pet hair, pet dander, and more. It will also reduce viruses and bacteria as air passes through the filter.    

  • What are the functions of the Pre-filter, HEPA filter and Carbon filter?  

    The Clorox air purifiers are equipped with a robust cylindrical three-part filter providing 360-degree filtration. Together the filter captures dust, pollen, dust mites, and smoke. It also helps reduce viruses and bacteria from the air that passes through the filter.   

    1. Pre-Filter: Removes large particles such as pet hair and large dust particles. 
    2. True HEPA Filter: Effectively captures 99.97% of airborne particles 0.1 microns and larger. 
    3. Active Carbon Filter: Reduces gases and bad odors. 

  • Can I use essential oils or sprays with the air purifier?  

    Do not apply essential oils, fragrance sprays, or any cleaners to the filter as they will damage and reduce efficacy of the filter.   

  • What is a micron?  

    Micron (micrometer) is a unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter. Visibility of what can be seen by the naked eye starts around 40 microns. For reference, dust is around 10 microns and bacteria is around 1-3 microns.   

  • What is PM2.5 Particulate Matter?  

    Particulate Matter (PM) or particulate pollution is a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets found in the air. Some particles are large or dark enough to see with the naked eye – dirt, dust, pollen, soot, smoke. Some are so small a microscope is needed.    

    PM2.5: fine inhalable particles 2.5 micrometers or smaller and poses the biggest risk to health as it can irritate the lungs and enter the blood stream. 

  • My Clorox Air Purifier includes a PM2.5 Sensor, what is that and how does it work?  

    The sensor uses infrared technology to sense the amount of PM2.5 particulate matter in the air and then displays the information on the control panel screen. In addition to this reading, the air purifier includes an air quality light. The Air Quality Light gives you a quick look at their current air quality. Based on the amount of PM2.5 matter in the environment the air purifier will reflect one of 6 air quality ratings. These ratings provide an accurate indication of indoor air quality and will be reflected as a colored light on the unit.   

  • What are the ranges/indexes of PM2.5 sensor of my Clorox Air Purifier?  


  • How does the AUTO mode work?  

    The AUTO mode is recommended for everyday use, as it utilizes the PM2.5 sensor to automatically adjust to clean and improve air quality. When the sensor detects an increase in PM2.5 matter, the air purifier fan speed will increase to an optimal fan speed to quickly improve the air quality. As the PM2.5 matter decreases so does the fan speed. Essentially, the AUTO mode allows the air purifier to work for you, you do not have to manually change the fan speed when there is a change in air quality.   

  • What is a CADR rating?  

    CADR Ratings reflects, in cubic feet per minute, the volume of clean air that an air purifier produces on its highest speed setting. For example, a purifier with a CADR of 250 for dust particles reduces particle levels of dust to the same concentration that would be achieved by adding 250 cubic feet of clean air each minute. The higher the CADR, the faster and more efficient the air purifier is. Room air purifiers with HEPA filters often achieve the highest CADR.   

  • How long does the air filter last?  

    Check Filter Light illuminates red when Filter should be checked, after approximately 4,380 hours of use. Depending on how often you use the Air Purifier, the Check Filter Light should come on after or around 6 months of use. You may not have to replace the Filter at this time, but you should check it, and if the Filter is visibly clogged or if you have noticed a reduction in performance, it is  time to replace the Filter. It is recommended to replace at least every 6-12 months. You may need to  replace your Filter if you notice decreased air flow, smell, or a visibly clogged Filter. For optimal use replace every 6 months and do not exceed 12 months.   

  • What is the warranty of the Clorox air purifiers?  

    Limited 3 years.   

  • How often does the air purifier clean the air?  

    All the Clorox air purifiers have been tested to meet industry standards and if used in the suggested room size per your air purifier size, the air purifier will change the air up to 5 times an hour when on the highest fan speed. Refer to individual product detail pages to learn more about room sizes.

  • What size room is my air purifier suitable for?    

    • Clorox Large Room True HEPA Air Purifiers are recommended for rooms 320 - 1,500 Sq. ft. (Models 11010 & 11011) 
    • Clorox Tabletop True HEPA Air Purifiers are recommended for rooms 80-200 sq. ft. (Models 11020 and 11021)
    • Clorox Medium Room True HEPA Air Purifiers are recommended for room 200-1,000 sq. ft. (Models 11030 and 11031)
  • Do any Clorox Air Purifiers come with an ionizer?  

    No, Clorox Air Purifiers do not use an ionizer or ionizing pen.   

  • How long does it take my Clorox Air Purifier to cycle the air in my room?  

    There are several factors that will dictate how long it takes to cycle the air in your room. These factors include fan speed, room size, and air quality level. The higher the fan speed, smaller the room size, and better air quality level, the air will cycle quicker. On the other hand, low fan speed, larger room size, and poor air quality will cause the air to cycle slower.   

  • Does the Clorox Air Purifier have a cord, or does it run on Batteries?  

    The Clorox Air Purifiers come with a detachable power cord.   

  • What does the Error Code E0 / FFF mean?  

    Please contact our customer service department.   

  • Why does my Clorox Air Purifier keep shutting off?  

    Some Clorox Air Purifiers are equipped with an auto-shut off tilt feature which will shut your Air Purifier off if it is tipped over. If the unit has not been tipped, please make sure your Air Purifier is plugged into a working outlet. Also, please make sure your power adapter is completely plugged into the back of your Air Purifier.   

  • Why is my Clorox Air Purifier louder than normal?  

    If you are running your Air Purifier on Auto Mode, the fan speed may have increased due to an increase in PM2.5 levels. If you are not running your Air Purifier on Auto Mode, please check the following: Air Purifier / Air Filter is in the correct position, the Air Filter is clean, the Air Filter does not have any damage. If these are all correct, it may be time to replace your Air Filter. Please visit our website to reorder an Air Filter.   

  • My Air Quality Status remains poor, what can I do to make this better?  

    Increase your Fan Speed to a higher speed. If this does not help, it may be time to replace your Air Filter. Please visit our website to reorder an Air Filter.   

  • How can I tell if my Clorox Air Purifier is working?  

    Once your Clorox Air Purifier is on, you should be able to tell it is on by listening for the fan. If the fan is not on or is not turning fast you may have a dirty filter. The longer the filter has been in the unit, the more dust, dirt and other particulates it has captured which will reduce the air flow. Turn off your air purifier and look for dust, dirt, and pet hair on the outside of the filter. If there is any present, use a vacuum or paper towel to remove the debris from the outside of the filter. Do not use any cleaners or water to clean your filter. If there is no debris on the outside of your filter, but you are still experiencing low efficiency, it may be time to replace your filter. Please visit our website to reorder a new filter.   

  • Does the air purifier contain Clorox bleach?  

    All the Clorox air purifiers are bleach-free. As air passes through the True HEPA filter, the filter reduce viruses and bacteria in the air. The actual % reduction of viruses and bacteria varies. The True HEPA filter has been tested to capture particulates as small as 0.1 and is effective in capturing 99.97% of particulate matter.    

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